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Just(ice) Coffee


She blinks and cants her head to the side slightly, sniffing a bit and trying to decide how you condense what she smells into something someone else would understand. How do you explain colors to a blind person?

"You smell like…strength…and…light…and spice."

She frowns a little, that’s…not really it, but there aren’t words for it. She settles for drinking a little more of her coffee.

"It’s a good dream, and there’s no Empress here to cull you for it!"

That’s worth a real honest smile, it was part of why she believed in the Mayor, believed in his vision. It wasn’t identical to the Signless, but it was more than she could ever hope for on Alternia.

"Maybe I’ll even live long enough to see it."

"Those sound like great things to smell like. Or smell somewhat like."

Serenity grinned looking pleased with herself. She often wished if only just for a moment she could see or ‘smell’ the world like RG did. Then perhaps she wouldn’t have to pester her friend so much with eager questions like this, with half formed answers that never seemed to satisfy the other woman.

"And a good thing about that. No offense to you, Rosi, but your Empress sounds like someone I wouldn’t see eye to eye with."

To say the absolute least. Porosi was smiling, Serenity realized. And not that grin she usually went with that was either half mocking or just for the purpose of reminding you how sharp her fangs were. It was a different smile. And she was glad to see it.

"You’d better live long enough to see it, Rosi. That’s an order."

She chuckled.


Most women would be humiliated to have all those implications about them thrown around in public. Most business women would be terrified their coworkers would see and they would lose some of the precious respect they’ve fought so hard for. Most women might hear the already building snickers and talk of her ‘seduction list’ and want to cry.

Serenity reminds herself vehemently she is not most women, she doesn’t care, and to get the fuck back to work.


I would rather not see the list. But if you’re going to harass one of my employees for being female at the moment I’m going to have to question why the need and capacity to suck a dick is a topic of interest with you, Ms. Secretary.

Perhaps a day off would do you some good. A little nap, some sweet music. You could even call up one of the many people on your seduction list if you felt like it.

I was not trying to harass anyone and I deeply apologize to Trace if it came off that way.

I have a significant amount of work on my plate here and I’m afraid I may be coming off a bit brusque.

I just wanted to explain to him some of the unfortunate circumstances being a woman even temporarily might come with. Apologies for the misunderstanding.

I have too much work for a day off. Maybe another day.

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Interesting. But whose dick can you get at any point is the question.

This is the saddest strangest question I’ve gotten since the infamous bathroom seeker.

Would you really like a list of the men in this city I could seduce if I felt like it? Really?

It somehow slipped my mind not to include that question on our latest census.

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Maybe because I can get a dick anytime I want.

So can I. But right now?

I have work to do.

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Now that you’re a woman, I’m surprised you haven’t yet had the pleasure of  having people snicker behind your back suggesting the slightest bit of stress or annoyance is the fault of your losing your mind for want of a dick.

City Hall would also like to remind all its employees that no I did not get any sleep last night, no I did not go home, I have little patience for your shenanigans, and that if you offer me a ‘cure for hysteria’ I will have you fired.

City Hall would like to remind you that all queries and complaints should be fielded to my office, not to the Mayor’s office (he is not in today) and not on the walls of the bathroom.

Just(ice) Coffee


She squints at Serenity from behind her glasses, she can smell a blush easily this close, but she’s not sure if that’s a good blush or a bad blush. Probably better not to mention it.

"I see degenerates and lawbreakers all day! I don’t think that’s much of a contest. Hmmmm, I have busted a few illegal brothels before…but I still don’t think it’s a contest. Maybe an Olive-blood. Probably not, and you smell better.”

She grins widely and takes another drink of the coffee. Serenity *did* smell nice, not the same kind of nice as Ms. Bennet, and definitely not anything like Pyralspite or Mindfang…but still, nice. She tries not to smell like anything herself, it was odd that so many other people gave themselves scents like fingerprints.

"Yes yes, Low-Bloods don’t get the same education as High-Bloods, just something else that can be lorded over them. You did fine! I know what a heart is, and eyes, and mouths, throats, and everything else. I just like pumpbiscuit and shout pole better."

She waves her hand a bit at the idea of pissing anyone off.

"Someone will be offended no matter what, I just make sure they’re more scared of me than they are offended and everyone wins."

Her toothy smile is especially predatory as she looses another peal of laughter.

It was a good blush. It was the ‘pretty person thinks I’m pretty and is complimenting me’ blush. You’d have to be mad not to be pleased by that if you asked Serenity. And most (if not all) would agree she probably wasn’t entirely mad.

"Smell better? Do I? What do I smell like? I’m curious now…”

She grinned a little bit her face quickly took on a passionate and determined look.

"Well I kinda like that colorful sort of troll talk too. Has character. But it should be a choice for everyone. The Mayor would agree I’m sure, that one of our top priorities is makin’ sure that everyone has access to an affordable and decent education, regardless of species or status."

Taking another swig of coffee, she gestured with enthusiasm.

"That is the Midnight City the Mayor and I dream of!"

Make Like a Tree

Serenity has ordered the few people still lingering in the city hall offices to get out. Just go. Go home. Get your shit and leave.

You with the coffee. Scram. Yes even you skinny boy, out. Out. You’re not even doing anything and you know it. Get. Vamoose. Amscray. I’ll finish that paperwork for you, don’t even worry about it, champ. Just make like a tree and get out of my face.

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

Once it’s completely empty she can work and cry at the same time for maximum efficiency and not have to worry about anybody staring.